Open Call For Models!


Thanks for stopping by my "Model Info" page. Here I will give you a bit of information on what I look for in a model and my process for the photo shoot.

First off, my models don't necessarily fit the stereotypical "model" look. Your height makes very little difference to me and I don't always paint women who are a size 0.  I look for something more than someone who can sit still and smile with a blank look on their face. It may sound difficult, but I assure you, it is not!  My photo shoots are fun, lighthearted and typically short (most lasting around one hour). 

After contact through e-mail, I set up a meeting where we can get to know each other, usually at a local coffee shop. There we discuss hair, makeup, costumes and the mood I am looking for. A standard model release form will be provided. Then we set up a time to have the photo shoot. 

The photo shoots take place in my home studio in Shorewood Illinois, or on location nearby. If you feel more comfortable bringing a friend or escort that is more than fine with me. I often have an assistant to help with props, reflectors, etc.  I take many photos (sometimes hundreds) of many different expressions to find the one that best fits my concept. Photos taken remain my property and are stored on an external drive (most photos that will not be used are deleted after the shoot).

If you would like, you can follow the progress of the painting on my Facebook or Instagram page. With permission I tag my models in the final image so they can share the painting with their family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you pay your models?                                    Yes, the rate is $20 per hour with a 2 hour minimum, so $40 for the shoot.
  • Will I have to do my own hair and makeup?        Yes, although sometimes I have headpieces and may pin up small sections of hair. I provide examples of what your                                                                                hair and makeup should look like for the shoot.
  • I've never modeled before, is this a problem?      No! I rarely use professional models. 
  • I have tattoos and/or piercings, is that an issue?   Usually not. It depends on the concept of the painting and the costume used.
  • Do you paint nudes?                                              Currently no. The concepts of my upcoming work does not include nudity.

If you would like to be considered as a model, please e-mail me with some photos of you. Include at least one headshot of you not smiling. Please understand that if I chose not to hire you, this has no reflection of your appearance. I plan my concepts based on the individual model, some concepts come more easily than others.   Contact me at  

I look forward to hearing from you!